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Hidrokraft has been serving the market since 1991 as a custom manufacturer of fluid power components. We are a manufacturer of custom welded and screw hydraulic cylinders in Turkey.


Since 1991 ...

Choice of 11 different piston sizes between 40 and 250 mm and       12 different attachments, according to the wishes of the customers     0,1 mm to 3000 mm.

Hidrokraft’ Standard Cylinders come with minimal modifications and nominal working pressure of 210 bars.

Both double and single-acting designs are available. They feature durable chrome plated rod, piston sealing, and standard mounting with  screw type design.   

Our standard cylinders can be customized with a variety of options including position sensing, valve integrations, nickel plating for increased corrosion resistance, and induction hardened rod.


Application area:  Mould-making,

Tool manufacturing, Fixture

BS250 serie Hidrokraft norm hydraulic block cylindres are very compact cylinders with smallest installation dimensions for short stroke operation. By default these cylinders are fabricated with ground and hard-chrome plated rods for the hard operating conditions. 

Maximum operating pressure up to 500 bar, choice of 8 different piston sizes and 10 differnt configurations.

Standard strokes listed in the data sheets can be reduced user-defined. Block cylinders are also available with larger stroke. Please contact us when exceeding the piston diameter-stroke ratio of 1:3.


For work clamping systems

VS250 serie clamp cylinder is suitable for small or irregular-shaped workpiece.

This is a pull-type cylinder with threaded body.

  • Pressure range .: 15 – 350 bar

  • Proof pressure .: 400 bar

  • Operating temperature .: 0 – 70 °C

  • Fluid used .: General mineral based hydraulic oil.



Mastering power...

Dedicated to providing innovative hydraulic 700 bar equipment for  Industrial applications worldwide.​

Hidrokraft offers various types of hydraulic cylinders, such as Multi purpose cylinders, Aluminum (standard) cylinders, Flat cylinders, Short stroke cylinders, High tonnage cylinders, Locknut cylinders, Construction cylinders, Hollow plunger cylinders and Pulling cylinders.


High oil output;

quicker action both in the first and second stage.

Accurately adjustable pressure release valve;

loads can be lowered safely and with extreme control.

The PHD NG serie is a compact, single acting, 2 stage hand pump in the hand pump range. The pump is ergonomically designed, has a robust, compact construction, is service- and maintenance-friendly and combines a low operating force with a high oil output. This all combined with a range of handy features makes this pump a worthwhile asset for you and your tools. 


For hydraulic with elastomeric seals.

Rotating Unions also known as rotary swivels, rotary couplings are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery.

Rotating Unions are used in numerous manufacturing processes to cool, heat, or transfer fluid (hydraulic) power.​

  • Duoflow design

  • Self-supported rotating union

  • Composite bearing

  • Vent holes between passages

  • Special seals

  • Hardened sealing surface

  • Aluminum housing

  • Steel rotor

Hidrokraft has been serving the market since 1991 as a custom manufacturer of fluid power components. We are a leading manufacturer of custom welded and screw hydraulic cylinders in Turkey and we maintain our place as a leader in the industry by providing cost effective, quality products and efficient services.


Powering your hydraulic solutions...

Hidrokraft hydraulic power units and modules can supply the power your manufacturing operations require from your hydraulic drive solutions.

Hidrokraft power units are designed to industrial standards and feature    a wide range of fixed and variable displacement pumps along with an unmatched choice of options and accessories to meet your application needs.

Hidrokraft power units are optimized to offer competitive pricing and quick delivery.

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