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Hidrokraft high efficiency pumps are ideal for a broad variety of oil, water and air applications.

The compact, low-cost Hidrokraft High-pressure Pumps are driven by air or noble gas pressures between 1 bar and 10 bar. There are numerous potential applications for Hidrokraft Pumps in machine engineering, oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, defence, mining and the construction industry as well as in aviation and aeronautics.



The air drive concept provides a number of benefits to you:

  • Pressure regulation via manual pressure control units or pneumatically triggered valves

  • Pressurised air drives, i.e. the pumps are particularly suitable for application in explosion-proof areas

  • Stalling of the pump upon reaching the pre-selected ultimate pressure

  • Substitution of leakages by automatic additional delivery of liquid from the pump

  • No energy consumption during long pressure holding periods

  • No heat loss during the pressure holding phase

  • Easy installation and problem-free operation of the units. Only connections to air supply as well as suction and pressure lines are required

  • Operationally reliable, easy-to-install and low-maintenance units, quiet in operation


Hidrokraft high efficiency pumps are ideal for a broad variety of oil, water and chemical applications.

Hidrokraft pumps are air driven at a drive air pressure of 1 to 10 bar (14,5 to 145 psi).

Basically the principle of operation is similar to a reciprocating amplifier where control of the piston at the end position is regulated by a pilot operated 4/2 way valve.